Who we are?

Hi, we are roce.ro | architecture office

We are two young architects who have established our office in Bucharest, Romania in 2015. Although architecture is a profession that relies on a lot of office hours, we are used to taking our work with us pretty much anywhere we need to: either to an old desk on an ongoing construction site, a chaise lounge resting on a beach, or a wood gazebo somewhere in the mountains. The passion for our work follows us everywhere we go.

We aim to offer customers comprehensive services in building architecture and interior design, and a diversified practice, from new residential, single or multifamily housing, to office and commercial planning and apartment renovation.

Our manifesto is: Good architecture helps shape behaviors, it evolves and transforms the space around us and brings people together in private or public places. Our aim is to provide high standard architecture services that meet the challenges of the ever evolving and demanding world we live in.


Architecture in the first place

Architecture as a finished product is born from concept and creativity, from understanding not only the client’s demands and requirements (functional, aesthetical and financial), but also the landscape and context of the future building, no matter it’s function.


Once the above are resolved, choosing the right materials for structure and finishes becomes essential along with creating an efficient interior and exterior space, that work together as a whole.


It is as much a creative as it is a technical process that requires experience and dedication.

As architects we try to bring the best out of any kind of space and we always rely on: aesthetics, functionality and cost efficiency.



Concept + Model

Yes, this is how we work!

From concept to a detailed 3D model.

Before we start working on technical details, we study the building site and environment so that we can better understand the challenges in our client's requests. Design and Functionality then merge into concept.


Concept takes shape by 3D modelling and photo-rendering it into a realistic preview our clients can easily comprehend. Together we can study it, change it, improve it,  until we get the very best results.



Wood | Framing

Since 2015 we have gained high expertise in working with wood framing structures and have successfully completed more than 30 such buildings for satisfied customers who now understand the advantages of this type of structural system.

Wood framing construction and use of metallic connectors technology is cost, material and time effective.

In framing construction, everything is modular and like Lego pieces, we design everything from the beginning so that engineers will have an easy job to calculate every panel, frame or beam.


Our activity centers on designing and following the correct execution of wood structures – framing (from terraces, gazebos, carports, garages, houses, attics, multifunctional halls, to interior design solutions).


Contact us:

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